Secondary Classes

Curriculum For Classes 9 To 10

Being a CBSE affiliated school, the school provides a wide exposure with hands-on projects, sports, cultural activities, literary activities, excursions, computers and community service. The school provides practical exposure to students by taking them on Educational Tours eg Thermal Power Plant, Cloth Factory, Shoe making Factory, Solar Plant, Agriculture Research Centre, Museum, Laboratories etc

Optimum pairings of keen students and very efficient and hard working teacher-student ratio ensures individual care and attention. The learning process supports the natural development of the child, with the teachers serving less as an ‘instructor’ and more as a guide or facilitator.

The school has subject wise classrooms to provide subject related environment in each subject room. Students move from one subject classroom to another after each period to study that particular subject.

Career counseling is very important at this stage and school makes arrangement for students to understand the nature of different jobs by taking them to those offices and meeting with such officers.

The curriculum provides the essential academic, social and physical skills that the child needs to face challenges in the modern world.