1Class Rooms-Large Size223020600
2Class Rooms-Medium Size22020400
4Mathematics Lab13020600
5Composite Science Lab146261196
6Computer Science Lab13020600
7Staff Room13020600
8Principal Room11510150
9Reception Hall13020600
10Activity Hall146261196
11Wellness Room13020600
12Music Room13020600
AreaIn sq mtrs
Total Acquired Area8000
Built up area of School1858
Play ground Area4737
Parking Area1405
No. of Drinking water Taps6
No. of Toilets separately for Boys4
No. of Toilets separately for Girls5
No. of Toilets separatly for Disabled2
No. of Toilets separatly for staff2
No. of Computers 2 to 4 GB RAM20
No. of Computers 8 GB RAM1
No. of Mobile Phones with GPS facility2
No. of Scanners1
No. of Laser Printer1
No. of Smart Classes5
No. of CCTV Cameras24

Total Number of Books  2000

The school canteen serving tasty snacks to tickle the taste buds of all age groups is center of the brisk business in lunch hours. Filling items are served and every care is taken to ensure that proper hygienic conditions.